How Medeva works

A patient is in a location where the level of care is inadequate, or following a medical treatment received while they’re travelling and now require to be transported to upgrade the level of care. Their medical assistance company or anyone looking after the patient will contact Med Eva to perform the mission on their behalf in order to benefit from our expertise in the field and organising a safe transport with minimal medical risk to reach their final destination.

The call is handled directly by our team who will analyze the logistical and medical situation to quantify the benefit and the risk of medical transport and what means to implement. In the event that a transfer is decided, we organize all the elements necessary for the smooth running of the mission. The establishment of the team, the road and air resources as well as the ancillary logistical resources until the return of the team in order to secure the journey of the patient and the medical team.

The assistance company, the hospital or the family are kept informed of the progress of the transport.

All financial aspects are subject to a precise and detailed estimate.

How Medeva works

Management of the call

Our Medical team.

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