Méditerranée Evasan Organisation SARL is MEDEVA for more than 30 years.

MedEva support travellers with their medical need since 1984. Every year we transport more than 1500 patients. To go to their home country, or to the nearest location we have to chose and organize adequate medical care.

Firstly, After analysis, we decide medically suitable means of transport, to ensure the patient remains quiet and stable until they reach their final destination. Secondly we choose the man (or woman), (doctor or nurse), free and perfectly adapted to perform this mission. 

Thirdly, our medical escorts  will escort the patient.

With a record of more than 52.000 medical transports performed, MedEva everyday delivers successful medical transportation on behalf of the largest assistance companies.

We also perform same missions for hospital’s patients or families taking care of their loved ones.