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Thursday 1 January 2009
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Méditerranée Evasan Organisation (MEO) provides a large panel of medical services since 20 years, all over the world . We are at
your disposal, 24 hours a day, to accommodate all your medical assistance needs to the
maximum level of safety, confort and efficiency.

A medical answer 24h/24
MEO is a Service Company which offers an adapted answer to your needs 24hours a Day for
the assistance to persons about their health. A Doctor will answer all your questions, provide
you with cost estimate and walk you through the different scenarios of services we offer, so
you may choose which of the services is more appropriate.

Five médical agencies in France
Based at MARSEILLE (Call center and medical staff) , NICE, MONTPELLIER, PERPIGNAN,
(medical staff only). In this places, near the patient, our medical team and equipment are
in order to resolve medical problems, reduce approach costs and intervention time.
Whether you choose Private Air Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, Medical Escort or simply
Executive Air Charter or Ambulance service, we provide a complete package of Bedside-to-
Bedside service.

A large fleet of dedicated air ambulance aircraft ( we have conventions
with airline companies based in south of France and Lyon)
Adapted to different patient pathology and distances, fully equipped with state-of-the-art
medical equipment (Heart monitoring,EKG,defibrillator,electric ventilator,electric succion unit,electric
syringe,etc…) and medical staff.

•Beechcraft KingAir 90 ,200, 1900 D
•Biturbo – Range 2000km à 00km : 1 to 5 Stretchers
•FALCON 10 •Twin-jet – Range 3000km : 1 Stretcher

Reducing costs of private air ambulance, we propose a web based list of low
costs medical flight. You can join the list of customers who receive this real time propositions.

Our Missions
•Medical escort missions: More than 1600 by the year.
•Medicalisations: first aid station, and different events (sports,


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  • Medical Escort 24h/24 +33 491 32 19 32


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